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Premium Quality SIP Services

Trusted Reliable Partner - Exceptional Quality Service - Best Rates. Alliance offers both origination and termination VoIP services for business, residential VoIP users and Enterprise PBX administrators.

The Alliance Network

Our SIP calling services are built on advanced switching systems. Voip calls are terminated using TDM trunks onto wholesale interconnects through gateways that we own. You can be assured that your traffic is being terminated using facilities that we carefully manage. Our systems are monitored 24/7 by experienced and capable telecommunications engineers.

"Cloud" becomes fog when it goes down.
No flavor-of-the-month technologies here. "Cloud SIP trunking" and "next-generation SIP trunking" are prime examples. Virtualized softswitches, hosted reseller platforms, and anything "cloud-based" are usually associated with higher latency, noticeable sound quality drop, increased jitter and capacity limitations.

Call quality that is second to none
Most "cheap VoIP providers" have hidden technology in place to economize on bandwidth and send your calls to the cheapest reseller available. They use many elaborate routing schemes that ultimately result in poor voice quality and dropped calls. Alliance does not use any least cost routing mechanisms, or so-called "grey routes", or compressed voice codecs. We encourage you to use G711 with your device. Use as much of our bandwidth as possible – our goal is to provide ideal, absolutely perfect voice quality. We do not economize on bandwidth or network resources to squeeze margins. Your calls are sent directly to the international carriers responsible for call termination in the region you are dialing - You get the best TDM quality possible in the industry. This is truly the highest quality international call service available.

SIP (G711 u-law, G.711 A-law, G.729), T.38, CLI, DTMF (RFC2833 and RFC4733). Realize the flexibility and cost reduction of dealing with a company that is a leader in simplifying telecommunications.

Alliance VoIP Rates

Our rates are low enough to be considered "wholesale" by most providers. Yet quality, not cost, is our top priority. We only route calls via the largest internationalally recognized tier1 carriers that provide direct routes even when significantly cheaper alternatives may exist. Our view is low cost without reliability is not of value to our clients.

Alliance network is built for Business

Switch your office long distance to Alliance and save with our SIP trunk solution. You get access to our huge multi-channel capacity and lowest per-minute pricing. Make as many simultaneous calls as your business needs – there is no per-channel fee.

Reduce Costs with SIP Trunks
A SIP Trunk can connect your company’s SIP-enabled devices, such as an IP-PBX or IP phones, to the outside world without the need for gateways to convert TDM traffic to VoIP. With SIP trunks, your company saves on multiple PSTN circuits and the capital and operating costs of voice gateways and other PSTN interface hardware. Alliance SIP Trunking is one of the leading SIP Trunking Services available.

Alliance Voip Features and Advantages

Alliance Premium SIP service offers:
  • Single SIP Account for simultaneous multiple calling 
  • CallerID is passed on all domestic calls and most international calls 
  • no extra charge for outgoing channels 
  • High-capacity, reliable SIP trunk for your business 
  • ATA supported (Linksys PAP2T or Grandstream) 
  • Call from your iPhone, smartphone, or PC phone 
  • VOIP trunks work with all IP PBX systems 
  • Supports industry robust voice codecs: G711, G729 
  • Compatible with any SIP device, hardware and softphones 
  • Manufacturer approved SIP Trunking provider 
  • Low Rates, High Quality Connections 
  • No Charge for Incomplete, Unanswered or Busy Calls 
  • Account Management / Free Monthly Statements 

Why use Alliance? We are Reliable

At Alliance, our highest priority is providing the most important tool that you can use to sell to and service your customers. In that regard, we have invested more in making sure that you have the most reliable service possible, in many ways going well beyond what the traditional phone companies can offer.

Create a new Voip account using our online sign-up form. You will be allocated an account number and password. Set up your equipment, Configure your SIP equipment to send traffic to our switch. Technical information to build the interconnection are provided upon signup. Once setup you will be ready to start receiving calls to your SIP device, any mobile or fixed number in the world. Make outgoing calls from any SIP-based device. Alliance offers great rates, exceptional service, simple billing and quality connection.

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Assuring High-Quality Voice Calls

How can I guarantee call quality? The key to call quality is that every single IP data packet, with its millisecond’s worth of conversation, arrives in the correct order and without any delay, so every packet arrives after the previous one, in a constant stream. To ensure this happens 100% of the time you need an Internet connection that has guarantees covering both up time/availability and quality, in terms of packet loss (packets never arrive), jitter (varying time delay between packets) and delay (how long each packet takes to be delivered). A solid Internet connection means solid voice quality. We recommend using a high-speed DSL, cable, fiber optic, or T1/E1 connection with dedicated upload and download bandwidth (speed only for voice, not sharing with data) of 90Kbps or higher for each line you plan to run.

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Leading SIP Provider Alliance Communication: Guaranteed business quality Voip. Premium SIP Services for Business and Residential SIP phone systems.  
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